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Daily archives for July 8th, 2017

An odd week

Midsommar                                                                     Most Heat Moon

shakyamunithangka2It’s been an odd week. I felt physically down for three days, not awful, as I said below, but enough to make me stop exercising (very unusual) and thinking was hard, maybe not unusual in itself (I mean, thinking can be hard, after all.) but in its persistence and its type, sort of a muddy feeling in my mind that made the thought of mental exertion seem too much effort. When, for example, I had to consider e-mails to three new Muslim contacts for our first Evergreen Forum event in the fall, I set them aside. Same thing with fixing some ongoing computer issues, none remarkable in themselves.

Seemed to lift yesterday and today (Saturday), too. I take thc edibles at night to get to sleep and it has dramatically improved my getting to sleep. That means 7 or 8 hours of sleep has become my new norm. And I love it. But. Is the THC leaving a residue that’s interfering with my day? Don’t know. I also take a muscle relaxant for my shoulder at night. It also has a soporific effect and I take it in the middle of the night as sort of the second installment of sleep aids. Could the combination be a problem? I sure hope not because getting to sleep and feeling comfortable in my gut has a very positive effect on my daily quality of life.

This is more by way of keeping health notes for myself, but if this informs you, good.

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