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Daily archives for August 12th, 2017

Fire and Fury. Big, big trouble.

Lughnasa                                                                               Kate’s Moon

My family’s Asian pivot began decades ago when Mary went to an Indiana University campus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She’s still in Asia, though now for a long time in Singapore, thirty years or so later. Brother Mark began teaching English as a second language and worked in Taiwan, then in Thailand and Cambodia. He was in Southeast Asia over twenty years and still considers Bangkok his refuge, if not his home. In 1981 Raeone and I welcomed a four-pound, four-ounce baby boy into our home from Calcutta, India. That boy turns 36 this fall. In 2016, after a year long deployment in Korea, Joseph married SeoAh, a native born Korean he met in a coffee shop in Seoul.

SeoAh’s family lives in the south of Korea near Gwangju. Better, I thought, than being in Seoul under the current circumstances, but Joseph says no. He knows far better than I do. This means that all the saber rattling going on between two tyrants with low impulse control is personal. We have family literally in the way of any outbreak of violence.





Lughnasa                                                                    Kate’s Moon

Gosh, the problems of the modern age. My fitness/sleep tracker, a Jawbone UP3, stopped synching. Annoying. When I sent a note to customer support, no response. None. Hmm. So, I clicked news on Jawbone for a google search. Oh. Liquidation, July 2017. Well, that explains it.

Over time I’ve become pleased with being able to track my steps and my sleep, the constant feedback helps me modify my behavior in certain directions like more regular sleep times and more steps during the day. I found this motivating. To suddenly go without it is, well, annoying and frustrating. But, of course, really only means going back to the way things were before. Spent a half hour looking at other options this morning. I really liked that the UP3 allowed me to wear when it I showered and sleep tracking for this insomniac has assisted me a lot. Nokia Steel HR. Not out yet, but this fall. I’ll wait.


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