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The Pilgrim. The Fool. Me.

Samain                                                                       Joe and SeoAh Moon

the fool, card 0 in the Tarot

the fool, card 0 in the Tarot

Pilgrim. After reading Rumi’s poem (see post below) and reflecting on the idea of being a pagan, especially the baggage the word carries, I decided to replace pagan as a descriptor of my current religious locale with pilgrim.

Better anyhow. Pagan underlines my deep love of the world beyond my doorstep, especially the woods and forests, streams and lakes, mule deer and elk, fox and mountain lion and bear, blue sky and high clouds, snow storms and rain. And that remains an indelible part of my pilgrimage.

But it does not reveal the long and winding road, the inner path, the several sites and rest spots I’ve visited on the Way. This pilgrimage of mine has been lifelong. Along the way I’ve visited religions, philosophies, drugs, politics, countries, sacred sites. I’ve stopped a while with different people, women and men. My journey has been confounded by labyrinths and mazes, yet I’ve always found my way back out of them. This fool’s path will continue until the day my breath stops. And, who know? Maybe beyond?

the foolMy image for the pilgrim spirit I am is the Fool, card 0 in any tarot deck. The fool is the beginning of the journey which underlies the tarot deck as a whole. He represents new beginnings, naivete, setting out. For me, he represents beginner’s mind, the childlike (but far from childish) wonder that I hope will always be with me. My pilgrimage, now in its 70th year, began twice: the first time I learned to walk and, after polio, the second time I learned to walk.

That little guy still puts one foot forward, then the other, wanting to see what’s next. What’s beyond the curve in the road? What’s behind the mountain? What’s hidden by language? What does Judaism have to teach us? What’s the love in a young girl’s heart?

If you see me on the road, stop and let’s talk awhile.


Samain                                                             Joe and SeoAh’s Moon

Friend Bill Schmidt sent me this Rumi poem in response to my Pagan post (see below):

Jalaluddin Rumi

“What can I do, Muslims? I do not know myself.
I am neither Christian nor Jew, neither Magian nor Muslim,
I am not from east or west, not from land or sea,
not from the shafts of nature nor from the spheres of the firmament,
not of the earth, not of water, not of air, not of fire.
I am not from the highest heaven, not from this world,
not from existence, not from being.
I am not from India, not from China, not from Bulgar, not from Saqsin,
not from the realm of the two Iraqs, not from the land of Khurasan.
I am not from the world, not from beyond,
not from heaven and not from hell.
I am not from Adam, not from Eve, not from paradise and not from Ridwan.
My place is placeless, my trace is traceless,
no body, no soul, I am from the soul of souls.
I have chased out duality, lived the two worlds as one.
One I seek, one I know, one I see, one I call.
He is the first, he is the last, he is the outer, he is the inner.
Beyond He and He is I know no other.
I am drunk from the cup of love, the two worlds have escaped me.
I have no concern but carouse and rapture.
If one day in my life I spend a moment without you
from that hour and that time I would repent my life.
If one day I am given a moment in solitude with you
I will trample the two worlds underfoot and dance forever.
O Sun of Tabriz, I am so tipsy here in this world,
I have no tale to tell but tipsiness and rapture.”

― Jalaluddin Rumi

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