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Samain                                                                    Joe and SeoAh Moon

Rollo May, JoyFriends. Tom and Bill are here in Colorado. They came to Beth Evergreen yesterday and attended my adult Hebrew class, then we went over to Sushi Win for supper. 30 years of life together, weddings and funerals, laughter and tears. The easy understanding that comes from time, lots of time together. Irreplaceble. Fundamental to life. I’m grateful they took the time and expense of coming here.

It wasn’t long before we were at questions like when life and its ravages becomes too much. Bill’s wife Regina and her stroke at the end of a painful time struggling with cancer. Pat, a friend’s wife, who has lupus and suffers, perhaps at this point, too much. How do those of us in these relationships honor the dignity of the other, realizing we can’t ever inhabit their body, see the world from within theirs?  These are the difficult questions that the third phase visits on us and those around us.

Another long time friend

Another long time friend

Being able to talk about these things easily, but soulfully, is what long friendships can offer. And we need the spaces in our lives where these conversations can occur. I’m lucky to have Bill and Tom.

I’m also lucky that Beth Evergreen has begun to offer a similar depth, though not, of course, the long developed trust and confidence I have with them. That may come over the next few years. I imagine it will and that sense is a major factor in my love of that place.

So this is a hymn to friendship, an often unattended to aspect of our lives. The Woolly Mammoths graced me with a space that encouraged it. And I’m forever thankful for them for that space. I hope you have one.


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