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Archive for January 12th, 2018


Winter                                                                   Moon of the Long Nights Shithole countries. Oh, my. The racist-in-chief wants nice white folks from non-shithole places like Norway. Now, some of my best friends are Norwegian, in fact, I married a Norwegian so I don’t have anything against the Norse, but really? Are they the only acceptable gene pool for future immigrants? […]

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Winter                                                                           Moon of the Long Nights Last night, third night in a row at Beth Evergreen, was the MVP, the mussar vaad practice group. Tuesday was the unveiling of the third stained glass window. Wednesday was the first class of the third in the first year kabbalah curriculum, the Mystical Hebrew Letters. On a personal, […]

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In the Beginning

Winter                                                              Moon of the Long Nights Kabbalah last night. The first session of Mystical Hebrew Letters. Rabbi Jamie began teaching kabbalah at the Kabbalah Experience with this class several years ago. It moves from the broader conceptual fields of Soul and Space, the first two classes this year, to the particular examination of the Hebrew […]

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