Out. Now. On `Oumuamua

Winter                                                              Moon of the Long Nights


This photograph is not genuine and has been rather clumsily altered from the original, in which all three of them are wearing perfectly normal (and color-coördinated) clothing without a hint of Klan insignia.  Snopes. But…underneath the fake news? Truth.

Stormy Daniels. This is a man ruled by his appetites. Shithole countries. This is a man ruled by his prejudices. Grab’em by the pussy. I moved on her like a bitch. Winning. You’re gonna get so tired of winning. I would be embarrassed to have this guy as a neighbor, horrified to have him living in my community. Can you imagine how I feel about having him as President of the country in which I was born?

When you give cover to white supremacists, encourage violence against American citizens, mock the disabled, you should be driving a beatup Ford pickup truck flying that yellow rattlesnake flag, not catching rides in Marine 1 and Air Force 1. You should be hanging out with your fellow klansmen, kicking back brews and burning crosses, not watching Tivo of Fox News in the Oval Office.

gadsdenThere. Is. No. Excuse. For all of us. Not him. He’s the same man he always said he was. He’s his father’s son. His son’s father. We are blameworthy now because we haven’t eliminated this sad, disgusting man from holding office. Hell, from holding any office. Unless he might replace that county clerk in Kentucky. Remember her?

Any one. Any one who supports this maggot on the rotted corpse of the Republican party should suffer banishment. Where to? How about Elba? Or, the Rub’ al Kali? No. I know. `Oumuamua, the first interstellar asteroid. It would take all of them right on out of our immediate cosmic vicinity. With no oxygen. Perfect.

Now let me tell what I really think…