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Daily archives for February 3rd, 2018

Getting Into the Mountains

Imbolc                                                                                Imbolc Moon

Bill and Tom, Guanella Pass

Bill and Tom, Guanella Pass

The good of going into the mountains is that life is reconsidered; it is far from the slavery of your own modes of living and you have opportunity of viewing the town at such a distance as may afford you a just view… He who believes in inspiration will come here to seek it. He who believes in the wood-loving nymphs must woo them here. And he who believes in the reality of his soul will therein find inspiration and muses and God and will come out here to undress himself of pedantry…   Ralph Waldo Emerson. Journal, 1833

Mild Chaos

Imbolc                                                                      Imbolc Moon

chaosLast couple of weeks have been chaotic for me, but in a quiet sort of way. When Kate and I were sick, I didn’t feel like working out. Then, the next week, some residual illness and morning appointments prevented me from getting fully back into my writing and working out routine. Same this week. I don’t like this feeling.

Another part of it is the number of evenings I spend at Beth Evergreen. Quite often I’m there two evenings for an evening mussar, kabbalah, or an adult ed event. My 8 p.m. bedtime has created a dilemma for me. If I go to these things, which I enjoy and find important, I lose sleep. Which I don’t enjoy. And, which feeds the sense of chaos since it can make me sleep in, not feel like working out.

organizedResponse. New bedtime. 9-9:30 p.m. Up by 5:30 to 6:00. Kate has generously offered to get up to feed the dogs. We’ll see how this works, but I need to get (hmm, debating here about the word need. Is it need or want? I believe it’s a need.) my life organized in such a way that I can get certain things accomplished: regular exercise, regular writing here and on my novels, studying Hebrew, kabbalah and mussar, cooking. Not there right now and it bugs me. Which is good because that provides impetus for change.

Here’s to lives lived in such a way that we can do what we feel needs to be done and experience joy.

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