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Archive for February 9th, 2018

Imbolc                                                                            Imbolc Moon Off to Buena Vista in about an hour. To the Liar’s Lodge. Kate will be there until Monday noon, sewing. A quilting retreat. I’m taking her out and picking her up. Once we get past Fairplay, about 45 minutes or so west of here on Hwy. 285 and the county seat of […]

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Be gone, Gremlin

Imbolc                                                                      Imbolc Moon Felt myself slipping into that old debil melancholy this morning. You know, the usual. What have I done with my life? Have I wasted it, wasted the gifts granted to me by genetics and being thrown into this amazing moment on the world’s journey? Look at how much others have done. Kate. […]

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Stormy Weather

Imbolc                                                                           Imbolc Moon The formerly super, blue and bloody moon is now a crescent in the early morning sky. There is a slight air of anticipation. That before the storm clarity and stillness. It’s slight because the snow to come will not be much, measured by other years and other storms, but this year, while […]

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