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Daily archives for March 29th, 2018

On the Mountain

Spring                                                             New Shoulder Moon

shoulder_reverse_intro01Some snow yesterday, not much, but a nice touch for the afternoon. Today is one week out from Kate’s surgery and she’s improving. Next Monday we have her first post-op appointment with Schneider’s PA. Check the bandage and the wound. Get some information about physical therapy. Probably some more information about recovery length, what we can expect.

Then, that afternoon, 1 Stop (ha, ha) Appliance will return, again, for the fourth time. The dishwasher, the mechanical one that is, stopped service well before Kate’s surgery. A week ago yesterday 1 Stop made its first visit. Then one on Monday. Then one on Wednesday. Last night when I turned on the dishwasher it gave out that little ping, ping birdsong like sound that means, hey, look at me, I don’t work!

john-henry-3Luckily in my youth, like many of you I imagine, I earned money washing dishes. However, I do not consider myself the John Henry of dish washing. Nor do I consider myself a chess master or a 9-don go-master. I mean, let the machine beat me. I want to be seconded by a robotic dishwasher. It can’t happen soon enough. The robot revolution can begin in our kitchen. Now.

09 11 10_Joseph_0264 (2)Had to tell Joe I can’t make his major pinning ceremony a week from tomorrow. Kate’s recovery comes first. Having only her non-dominant left hand, one arm in a sling and unsteady feet means she needs someone who knows her and the dogs. Hmmm? Who could that be? We’ll get down there sometime this year.

Slept in this morning. Needed the extra rest after all the dish washing.

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