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Archive for April 3rd, 2018


Spring                                                                   New Shoulder Moon Aaacckkkk! Dishwasher. Bad dishwasher. Bad, bad, bad dishwasher. Four visits by technicians. Various ideas. None worked. Could be Samsung will buy it back or give us a new dishwasher. Which is ok. But. It will take time. And, the dishwasher died this time about a week before Kate’s surgery. As I […]

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Life Extenders

Spring                                                                  New Shoulder Moon “I’m a doer.” Kate said this yesterday. Yes, she is. So much so that we often referred to her as the energizer bunny. Jon’s divorce, Sjogren’s and arthritis has made doing difficult, often downright painful. The combination put her in a tough place psychologically; but, it feels now, for the first […]

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