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Daily archives for April 5th, 2018

We’re Living in a Post-Dishwasher World

Spring                                                                  New Shoulder Moon

Visit to Lisa, our primary care doc. Kate’s post-op. Biggest issue is weight loss. Contributing factors: nausea, lack of exercise, Sjogren’s, especially a sore mouth sensitive to sharp food and spicy food. Good news, shoulder pain seems gone. Which was a big reason for the surgery in the first place. Lisa showed us pictures of her Izzy, a labradoodle puppy. Very cute.

After that we went to Plato’s Closet, a second hand clothing store. I’m still dressing my Colorado persona. Bought several flannel plaids, ten, I think, for less than the price of one new one. Good brands, too. I was gonna ask the help if Plato’s Closet was a play on Plato’s Cave, but decided against it since it seemed unlikely any I encountered had ever heard of Plato.

20180404_17503020180404_174842We drove on into Denver, Colfax Avenue (sort of like Lake Street in the Twin Cities). To GB Fish and Chips. Their motto is “In Cod We Trust.” This is one of Ruth’s favorite spots and yesterday was her 12th birthday. We had a nice visit with her and her phone. Gabe was there, too, out of the hospital after septicemia, but still on IV antibiotics. He looked a bit exhausted.

Earlier in the day Rick came out from 1 Stop Appliance. The A team at last. He figured out what’s wrong with it. The main computer board and a computer board for the inverter were both shorted out. Significant since they were just installed Wednesday of last week and Monday of this week.


looks like an alien

Rick noticed water splashes along piping near them, then showed me corrosion both on our old main board, which he had brought, and the new ones. Problem. Since to look at a dishwasher it must be pulled out, that means it’s disconnected from the water and electricity. You can’t run it and look for leaks so it’s necessary to use secondary data.

He took pictures, muttered. Then he told me Samsung might condemn it. Sad. Now we’re condemning dishwashers. What’s next? Sofas? Toasters? Shoes? I hope they do condemn it. It’s nothing more than an expensive drying rack right now. If they do, they either buy it back from us or give us a new one. Either one is ok at this point.

Ironically, I found this article just now from the Atlantic on April 3rd:

Doing Dishes Is the Worst  This is now an empirically proven fact. Dishwashing causes more relationship distress than any other household task.


Major, Major

Spring                                                                     New Shoulder Moon

majorUnder the new shoulder moon Kate continues her recovery and tomorrow Joseph pins on oak leaves, the signal to all after that he holds the rank of major. Joe asked me to write an invocation for his ceremony. This is the one I wrote when he got commissioned as a second lieutenant:

“Bring a blessing on these men and women who have not only found something worth living for, but something worth dying for. Link them arm in arm as warriors with those living and dead who cherish freedom, defend liberty and work for justice. Stand with them wherever they go and in whatever they do, for they are our children, our mothers and brothers and sisters, our wives and husbands and we love them.”

Here’s the one for tomorrow:

“Bless Joseph, a warrior. Put in his heart courage to lead, courage to make hard decisions and the wisdom to do so fairly. Love and justice are the key ingredients of all leadership, imbue him with them in equal measure. Let his service be a bright light in an often dark world. Amen.”

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