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Daily archives for May 2nd, 2018

Beltane Pardon

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This is powerful. Worth your attention.

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Just Sayin’. Thanks to John Seed

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BlessedA session last night with writers who are members of Beth Evergreen. Published writers, that is. Beth Evergreen has a large number of creative people actors, musicians, dancers, painters and writers. Joanne Greenberg who was on the panel has published 20 novels, including the well-known I Never Promised You A Rose Garden. Ron Solomon wrote Broken!, a true story of torture told in fictional form, and has written many screen plays, TV treatments, children’s books, games. Another woman wrote academic and fiction books. Nancy Larner has written a children’s book, A Mouse in the Rabbi’s Study. Marilyn Saltzman writes non-fiction, ghost writes and runs her own public relations firm.

“Writer’s block,” Joanne said, “is your character telling you you’re an idiot.” Nods from the other panelists. “I write with a pencil. And they break.” Ron Solomon. “I meditate a lot. In meditation I try to be with the characters.” Nancy Larner. “I have to work hard to get myself out of the way.” Marilyn Saltzman. “I know when my words are right in my body.” The woman whose name I didn’t get, author of academic books and papers and books like Mirriam’s Well.

Tell the truth. Kill your darlings. It’s hard work, nothing mystical. Lightning strikes. I stand up and move around the room. I read my books out loud listening for clunky dialogue.

Five distinct individuals, very clear about themselves, their work, their inner life. I felt inspired, like I was with my true tribe. You might think that my lack of publishing would make me feel out of place, but I found myself engaged, nodding, feeling with all of them.

Made me think another panel of musicians and actors would be fun, too.



Three Years and Done

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Ironically for this post, this quote came from a character traits game for children

Ironically for this post, this quote came from a character traits game for children

The fan is in the bedroom, ready for summer. May seem like a minor achievement, but I spoke with Alpha Electric about doing this during the can we ever get the generator installed fiasco. A long time ago. Done.

And, for the hmmmm factor. Turns out Mason, the electrician came here from White Bear Lake, Minnesota. The plumber who will come when we call came from the area around Nowthen, just a few miles from our home in Andover. And, Ted of All Trades, the handyman, before he moved here, lived in Ames, Iowa, right across I-35 from Nevada where Kate grew up. The only longtime Coloradan that we use regularly is Ken of Boiler Medics. He is Latino.

Not sure what the deal is with the other trades people we’ve tried to use up here though an ad in the 285 advertiser reveals a lot. I don’t recall the service but its first two key messages in the ad, in bold print, were we return phone calls and show up on time. Those two attributes alone differentiate them from most of the folks we’ve tried to work with.