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Archive for May 8th, 2018

Terraforming. Buck Rogers, eat your heart out

Beltane                                                                                    Mountain Moon Kim Stanley Robinson: Red, Blue, Green Mars meet the proposal.

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Beltane                                                                                  Mountain Moon Oliver North president of the NRA Orrin Hatch says McCain should invite Trump to his funeral Anna Wintour took Trump permanently off the invite list to the Met Gala Rudy. Stormy. Trumpy.

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Technical Problems

Beltane                                                                          Mountain Moon On Sunday I reached some sort of odd apotheosis, presenting a series of video lectures on the Dead Sea Scrolls at Beth Evergreen. In the audience of 20, larger than I had expected, were 4 people from Idaho Springs and Georgetown, Christians invited by a biblical scholar who is a member of […]

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