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Archive for May 16th, 2018

Night on Bald Mountain

Beltane                                                             Sumi-e Moon On Sunday night we had a thunder storm. While growing up and living in the Midwest, close to sea level and in the humid east, we didn’t think about cloud heights much. Clouds are way up there; we’re down here. Straightforward. But look at this definition: Cumulus clouds are low-level clouds, generally […]

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Remember the Jurassic?

Beltane                                                                                                       Sumi-e Moon

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Hard Copies, Hard Work, Hard to Understand

Beltane                                                                     Sumi-e New Moon Started a long project yesterday. I’m printing out all of Ancientrails. Been wanting to do a total backup and I will at some point, but if it’s going to be useful to my ongoing work, hard copy is better. Besides, think how satisfying it will be to hold a copy of […]

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