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Archive for May 21st, 2018

We Plan, Pele Laughs

Beltane                                                                       Sumi-e Moon Fissure 20 has reached the ocean. Right next to an area with marked fields and an expensive home.

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Way Back in the Promised Land

Beltane                                                                               Sumi-e Moon Into Denver yesterday, saw Jerusalem, the I-MAX 3-D show. (see below) When it finished, I left Kate on the museum’s third floor at the entrance to the Dead Sea Scrolls show and went down to find the other members of Beth Evergreen, 25 in all, who had signed up for this adult […]

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Beltane                                                                              Sumi-e Moon Trying my hand at a short story in the style of Robert Aickman. If you appreciate strange fiction with a literary style, then you’ll love Aickman. His work is as distinctive as Kafka and some use the term Aikmanesque to reference it, as the word Kafkaesque references Kafka’s unique style. Aickman uses […]

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Next Year

Beltane                                                                      Sumi-e Moon Kate and I went in early to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science so we could see the IMAX 3-D show, Jerusalem. This is an astonishing piece of film-making, packing in lots of history, contemporary scenes and with an emotional charge gained by using three young women, a Jew, a Christian, […]

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