Yellow Peril

Beltane                                                                                Sumi-e Moon

pollenOne thing it took moving to the mountains to learn: I’m allergic to lodgepole pine pollen. I could have done without revealing this part of myself. It’s a couple of weeks of fine yellow grime on table tops, windows, cars, window sills, all for sex and we’re forced to participate. Well, my body fights back. Ah, choo!

Went to the hardware store yesterday. Not a frequent trip for me. I eyeballed that new handle for my small sledge hammer. Not so well, as it turns out. Also, that beaded chain for a longer pull on the dining room fan? Gosh. There’s more than one size of beaded chain. Other than that the new vise will work well and those spikes (well, I thought they were spikes, but one of the employees said, nope, not spikes. So, just really big nails, I guess) will secure the cedar planks to the tree stumps and cut logs around the fire pit. Precision in the real world is not my thing.

Durango Silverton Narrow GaugeIn climate change news the 416 fire outside Durango has claimed part of the itinerary for the Tom, Mark, Paul and me trip. We were going to ride on the Durango/Silverton Narrow Gauge railroad. Nope. Closed through the time we’ll be there due to fire risk. We may hit Four Corners and Mesa Verde and the hot springs instead. The area is full of interesting bits.

linguisticsWent to a talk at Beth Evergreen last night on linguistics. Elizabeth Moore, an administrative assistant on our staff, is a very smart woman. She majored in linguistics and offered a crash course. A lot I didn’t know. She gave a quick overview of a very complicated discipline, explaining its fundamental disciplines like phonology, pragmatics, syntactics, morphology and its more esoteric branches like neurolinguistics and cognitive linguistics, graphetics and philology.

Back home, sneezing all the way.