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Archive for October 11th, 2018

A Fool on the Hill

Fall                                                                                        Healing Moon I will not be attending the Woolly Mammoth’s centennial retreat (just kidding, 31 0r 32, something like that). But Charlie Haislet has proposed the Parsifal legend, the Grail quest, as a theme in the paragraph below. I’m going to write my answer here. Parsifal and the Grail quest – it still works […]

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Day 13

Fall                                                                                   Healing Moon Feeling much lighter today. Kate’s headed off to Brookdale Green Mountain Rehab, probably after lunch. Bleeding stopped. Other markers like hemoglobin stabilized. Moving better, but not quite well enough to come home. She’s also eating, having found that ativan prior to eating avoids nausea. This is big because it means she may […]

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