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Samain                                                                       Stent Moon October, the healing moon. November, the recovery moon. December, the stent moon. A quarter of a year with an intense focus on keeping Kate alive and then making her well. Well, well worth it. Last night, an odd, sad, disturbing, necessary evening. If you’ve ever encountered preparedness training for a business, school, […]

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Samain                                                                    Thanksgiving Moon Into On the Move Fitness for a new workout: side lunges on the TRX, oblique isometrics with bands, a twisting shoulder press, planks, stepups with weight, push ups from an exercise ball, crunches on an exercise ball. I always feel so much better when I exercise routinely. Long ago I decided regular […]

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The Thanksgiving Moon at 1%

Samain                                                                            Last sliver Thanksgiving Moon Under the Healing Moon Kate recovered from her g.i. bleed. Under the Thanksgiving Moon we found the problem and are close to a procedure to provide her relief. The bleed was on September 28th, over two months ago. It does seem to have served the unintended but welcome purpose of […]

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It’s a New Day…

Samain                                                                       Thanksgiving Moon What a remarkable turn things have taken here. After many -oscopies, endo, upper, lower, colon, small bowel follow through, a HIDA test, nuclear med search for bleeding, bowel surgery and even more doctor visits, finally, finally. A consensus. The superior mesenteric artery has sufficient stenosis, severe, to cause Kate’s symptoms. And, there’s […]

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A Profound Week

Samain                                                                     Thanksgiving Moon Bit of winter. 9 degrees here on Shadow Mountain this morning. No snow and little snow for us in the forecast. Though. Across the divide they’re getting good snow. Our snowpack is 119% of normal and way ahead of last year. Important data for so many people. Friday and Saturday were more […]

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