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Archive for January 3rd, 2019

Ultima Thule

Winter                                                                         Stent Moon Beyond the known world. Here there be Dragons. I suppose, by definition, Ultima Thule, the more than ancient rock of the Kuiper Belt, lost its right to its name the second its photograph got taken. Way out there, man. I mean way out. The Kuiper Belt. Next stop, the Oort Cloud. Oh, […]

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Around Denver with Ruth and SeoAh

Winter                                                                           Stent Moon The last sliver of the stent moon. A day out yesterday. Took Ruth and SeoAh over to Red Herring Arts only to discover that, in spite of their web page, they opened at 1 pm. Since they’re only open on Wednesdays during the week, that meant we’d have to give it a […]

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