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Archive for January 5th, 2019

Seeking the myth beyond reason

Winter                                                                             Waxing Moon A year theme. I mentioned buddy Paul Strickland’s choice: Bumping into Wonder. A few resolute type sentences* laid out some trails I want to follow in the new year, trails I’m already on, none of them new. If there’s a thread underlying them, I don’t see it. There is, however, a potential […]

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Crullers, Empanadas, Goddesses, and Mussar

Winter                                                                                Waxing Moon Made a big circle yesterday. Drove into Denver on 6, a six lane version of 6th Street between hwy 470 and Santa Fe. Wanted to try LeMar’s Donuts since Kate needs weight and likes donuts. It’s right at the intersection 6th and Santa Fe. I like Bismarck’s and crullers, Kate prefers original […]

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