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Archive for January 7th, 2019

The Four Elements

Winter                                                                                        Waxing Moon Every once in a while up here on Shadow Mountain, winds. Today, and they haven’t gotten fully underway yet, I’ve already heard gusts that my anemometer clocks at 40 mph. I imagine we’ll see 60 later. Glad it’s not Wednesday, trash day, when we have to put our trash and recycling containers […]

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A Feynman Method Explanation

Winter                                                                            Waxing Moon Richard Feynman, the physicist, had a technique for learning. It’s pretty straight forward in its explanation: Choose a Concept Teach it to a child Identify Gaps and Go Back to The Source Material Review and Simplify (optional) I’ve not used it before, but I’m going to try now with reimagining/reconstructing faith. I hope […]

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