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Archive for January 11th, 2019

Finally. Some snow.

Winter                                                                       Waxing Moon Geez. Talk about over performing. The WeatherGeek, a nearby Conifer Mountain resident who posts on Pinecam.com, says he cleared 12 inches off his drive this afternoon. 8-10 inches here, at least. Maybe 12. Certainly will be a foot plus by the time the snow ends early tomorrow morning. The mountains feel weird […]

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Water, Water, Somewhere

Winter                                                                        Waxing Moon Our first major snowstorm of the season is upon us. We’ve gotten 4 or 5 inches already and it’s only been snowing since midnight. May get 8-10 inches. Black Mountain has disappeared behind a gray-blue curtain, the lodgepoles look like flocked Christmas trees, and our solar panels have a 4 inch white […]

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