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Imbolc                                                                                 Valentine Moon

New diet. I have two sure fire diet plans for those with enough cojones. The first one I’ve written about before. The interstate move from sea level to 9,000 feet diet. The benefits begin when you start packing, but they really peak (lol) when you arrive at your new home with a houseful of boxes. Unpack as you acclimate to your new altitude. It was good for 20-25 pounds for both of us.

The second one, the adenovirus diet. You may need to locate a friend or neighbor with a bad, bad cold, but, hey, it’s winter! How hard can it be? Expose yourself. Get sick. Start enjoying the benefits of your new weight loss plan. The symptoms? Oh, they’re troublesome all right. But you know what they say: No cross, no loss. This one’s been good for ten pounds for me. Yep. I’m at 140 right now, within ten pounds of my weight throughout my twenties and well into my thirties.

Too drastic? Well. I get it. Two weeks of sore throats, coughs, fevers, chills, chest infections, and serious malaise have made this diet less than fun. Of course, no one ever said weight loss programs were a laugh riot, eh?

I have gotten modestly better. I’m up here, for one. My sore throat has diminished. The fevers are gone. Still coughing, still have pneumonia. Kate has a ct of her stent on Thursday and I have a followup on my pneumonia at the same time.

I know this last couple of week’s posts have not been cheery reading, but there you are. A life is a life and sometimes its challenging.