Health Cares

Imbolc                                                                              Valentine Moon

Feeling much better. All except my bowels which took a beating. I’ve eaten very little over the last two plus weeks, down 10 pounds. Not as hydrated as I normally am. Result: intractable constipation. Since Saturday afternoon, my recovery has been interrupted by this. Beginning to resolve this morning, I think. Sure hope so, misery after misery.

I’ve lost about two weeks. By that I mean, I don’t recall events during the time when illness dominated my body. It’s an odd feeling, but I’m grateful for it. I remember blurs of discomfort, but little else.

Kate went back to Swedish E.R. yesterday. Jon had to take her due to my severe cramping and general dis-ease. They admitted her, though I don’t know exactly what for. She has an appointment with a home health company today to insert the line for her tpn feeding, don’t know what’s going to happen to that.

This was not the most festive birthday week I can recall. Maybe the least? Either way the earth keeps spinning and racing along its orbit.