Imbolc                                                                                Valentine Moon

Kate and Jackie

Kate and Jackie

Glad to see the Valentine Moon fade away. It presided over a difficult month.

The snow storm that wasn’t. Instead of 6-12, we got maybe 2. But it is -2 for temp. Before the storm that failed Kate and I watched the fog rolling in, covering the lodgepoles and the aspens. A bit of snow here and there, but mostly the fog coming down Black Mountain.

Kate’s feeling better. She smiles more, jokes. Her food intake was low and not nutritious before the tpn. It seems like we may be going in the right direction. At last.

Got the freezer defrosted. We have an insulated garage. As I restored the items to the freezer out of the Option Care styrofoam containers, I took inventory. Good stuff in the freezer still, even though we lost several items to freezer burn. Chili. Gravy. Challah. Sauces.

Very domestic day. Defrost freezer. Change Kate’s nutrition bag. Cook supper: hamburgers, tator tots, and kale cooked with bacon in the instapot. A load of laundry. Empty and reload the dishwasher. Home stuff. Satisfying.

Saw a meme on facebook. A deranged, autocratic psychopath showed up in Singapore. Kim Jong Un was there, too. Korea is personal. Not only is it SeoAh’s home, the two of them could return to Osan at some point.