Straight WM/WF Seeking Ostara

Imbolc                                                                      Valentine Moon

Roman goddess Flora

Roman goddess Flora

As Minnesota struggles with a long, harsh winter, we’re only 15 days from the spring equinox. Here in the Rockies we have snow, cold but not bitter temps, and no signs that spring is two weeks away. March and April are the big snow months here, so we’ll see the egg laying rabbit much later, May probably. Though we will also have very warm weather mixed in with the snows.

The Great Wheel may be lined up with our house, at least I hope so. Kate’s looking and sounding better each day. She’s doing her ot and pt, smiling and laughing. By spring (meteorological spring) it’s possible she’ll have her j-tube in, too. Weight gains in the offing. With the exception of some stamina that I won’t regain until I start working out again and a slight cough, I’m back to normal.

Over the month of February the cliche it’s always darkest before the dawn kept popping into my head. Boy, I’d think each time, dawn must be pretty damned close. Nope. Well, maybe March will see Aurora and the rejuvenating power of spring reinforce each other here on Shadow Mountain. In fact, I just noticed that Ostara, an occasionally used Wiccan name for the Spring Equinox, is the German goddess of both dawn and spring.

ostara2When we can surf the oncoming power of seasonal change, laying our bodies on the waves and riding them all the way into calm water amazing things can happen. Imagine being in the tube of the curl, the always radical, vital current of the growing season pushing toward the frozen ground, warming it, crashing into it as Phaeton whips his sunny chariot against the dark of the fallow season’s long night.

I’m usually reticent to see winter go. Just one more week of cold and snow, please. And, I do want more moisture here. Always. But this year I’m excited to see springtime in the Rockies, hoping that our life on Shadow Mountain will be a joyous part of it.