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Archive for March 9th, 2019

29 years ago

Imbolc                                                                         Recovery Moon 29 years ago tomorrow Kate and I stepped on a glass* in Federal Court Chambers, the Landmark Building, Rice Park, St. Paul. The next day, just to show how long ago 29 years is, we flew Pan Am to Rome. We wrote thank you notes on the plane and mailed them from […]

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Nightmare Number Three

Imbolc                                                                              Recovery Moon Friend Tom Crane found this very, very strange Steven Vincent Benet poem, Nightmare Number Three. You can find the whole poem here. Made me think of the Charlie Chaplin movie, Modern Times. “We had expected everything but revolt And I kind of wonder myself when they started thinking– But there’s no dice […]

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The Shadow of an Autocrat

Imbolc                                                                          Recovery Moon Been meaning to post this for a while. I have a stack of books (surprise) next to my reading chair. When I turn on the lights in the loft, this is the shadow they project on the wall under the south facing windows. Is it his true shadow? Manifest on Shadow Mountain. […]

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