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Archive for March 29th, 2019

That One Time

Spring                                                                             Recovery Moon Abiogenesis: the original evolution of life or living organisms from inorganic or inanimate substances. Just learned this word today. It was in an article that debunked the likelihood of other intelligent, tool-using, space-faring intelligent beings. Unconvincing to me, but this word… Think of it. It describes that moment (moments?) when the inanimate […]

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Spring                                                                         Recovery Moon Ooff. Beware what you wish for. Got back to working out yesterday. Huffing and puffing. Resting between sets. My legs were rubbery when I left the gym and this morning when I got out of bed. Detrained. Starting back, even slow, was difficult. No other way to get there though. And, just […]

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