(More) Adventures in Medical Imaging

Spring                                                                               Recovery Moon

Took Kate into the InVision Sally Jobe imaging center. Sally was the radiologist’s wife who died at 56 of breast cancer. The reception staff there was as good as I’ve seen in these many months of taking Kate to various medical venues. They would come out into the sitting area and ask if folks had been helped. They smiled, remembered Kate was waiting on the cd, generally put out warmth. A pleasure

This was the hi-res ct to determine if she has interstitial lung disease. We’ll know the answer. Eventually. When we took the cd to Colorado Pulmonary Intensivists, I learned that Dr. Gupta is gone until the end of April. The other doctor, Kelly Green, whom we were originally supposed to see? Yes, I asked about her, too. Out to the end of May for a family emergency. This has been one frustration after another with them. Gupta himself seems all right, but the organization of the practice, not so much.

We went out to eat at Nono’s, a very good New Orleans restaurant in Littleton. Their beignet’s are as good as the ones I remember at Cafe du Monde. Of course, the Mississippi River’s not as close, or the French Quarter. The day, though, wore her out. She went right to bed when we got back. But she got up perky, so it was exhaustion.