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Archive for April 18th, 2019

Bernie Madoff rather than Jesus in the their hearts

Spring                                                                              Rushing Waters Moon read this article in the NYT. wrote in on comments. This: “Well. Retired Presbyterian, UU clergy here. It was a used donkey that Jesus rode on Palm Sunday. He turned the tables on the money lenders. In Luke he’s quoted as saying: “…The Lord has anointed me to bring good news […]

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You Old Dog

Spring                                                                               Rushing Waters Moon from friend Tom Crane: “CIVILIZATIONS MAY COME AND GO, but good dogs are forever. In a first for canine forensics, researchers have reconstructed the head of a domesticated dog that lived in Scotland’s Orkney Islands some 4,500 years ago. Based on the size of its skull, the scientists believe the dog must have been roughly […]

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Caregiver Man

Spring                                                                                Rushing Waters Moon Kate’s in Swedish yet again. On O2 up here her oxygen saturation went down to 87. Runs about 98% on O2 on Shadow Mountain. She was also short of breath. That continued down the hill, but her O2 saturation rebounded. She had a chest x-ray, a c.t., and received some prednisone […]

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