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Archive for April 22nd, 2019

Over the weekend

Spring                                                                        Rushing Waters Moon        

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Swimming in da Nile

Spring                                                                        Rushing Waters Moon Swimming in denial. That’s me. I sent an apology e-mail to Dr. Eigner saying I had misstated my PSA. I wrote it to him as 1.2, but it was really .12, I said. Just got a call from Anna Willis, his PA. Nope. I had it right. It was 1.2. Guess […]

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My Age

Spring                                                                          Rushing Waters Moon Earth day. Gabe turns 11. At the baseball game I asked Gabe what would change when he turned 11. “My age,” he replied. He’s that kinda kid. Four signs of spring in three days. Pesach. Easter. A baseball game. Earth day. April is grandchild birthday month for us. Ruth, a sophisticated […]

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