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Archive for May 22nd, 2019

Health “benefits” from Centura called this morning. Hey, guess what? You know those scans? Not approved. What! Twice in two weeks? What’s going on? In spite of being the patient, hereinafter to be known as the victim, of our health care system, I was having a hell of time accessing any of it. I don’t […]

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From a local facebook group

So I get home this morning and my dog is laying on my porch covered in snow and mud and has a rabbit in his mouth. He’s not bloody, just dirty. Now, my neighbors raised these rabbits for 4H and have blue ribbon winners. I instantly knew it was one of theirs. So I get […]

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On Kate’s caring bridge site I posted about her upcoming surgery, June 3rd, to implant the feeding tube port. This represents the end of a long winding process requiring TPN, ct scans, visits (when we could get them) to the pulmonologist, to Lisa Gidday, our primary care doc, to Westermann, the rheumatologist, and one last […]

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