Beltane and the Cancer Moon

Kate’s Crowns

The Cancer Moon is a sliver, headed toward a new moon. June 3rd will be the new moon, Kate’s surgery date. On June 7th I see Dr. Gilroy to discuss radiation therapy, probably get scheduled to start. By that time yet another Recovery Moon will be shining over Shadow Mountain. We had a healing moon last October after Kate’s bleed and a Recovery Moon in March following my flu/pneumonia.

A third recovery/healing moon makes sense to me. That lunar month will encompass Kate’s recovery from the j-tube placement and our getting used to this new method of getting nutrition for her. It will include much of my radiation. By the end of it we should both be in better places.

Rigel’s nose

Ruth came up yesterday. She pruned the Russian sage, flattened all the boxes for the trash (Chewy, Amazon, Option Care), and got Kate back into her sewing room. This morning she’s going to make pancakes, a cherry pie, and help me make chicken and leek pot pies.

We went to Sushi Win yesterday for lunch to celebrate my CT scan findings. Ruth had a Sushi platter. She ate it all. Dad says I have a teenage appetite. She does.

She’s a scholar, loving Mandarin and math. She’s an artist working in oils, photography, prints. She’s a cook and a good one. She loves animals, brushing Rigel and Kep each time she comes. Ruth has become a sweet, loving young woman. May it continue.

A Story from Mark E.

Shoeless Joe, who was a Native American. Shoeless Joe was quite old, and had many adventures in the Southwest, around the 1870’s or so. Shoeless Joe felt it was time to join his ancestors. Shoeless Joe lay down, and waited for the Great Spirit. He waited and waited. After a time, he got up. “Apparently the Great Spirit is not willing to accept me.”