Summer and the Radiation Moon

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Hoo, boy. Gonna be hard. Gut felt twisty, gassy last night. Painful, too. Bowels ornery. Lost three pounds on Wednesday. These are the only frank side effects I’m feeling (oh, and the fatigue), but they are plenty. If they never move on from this intensity, it will be a strained time until they abate.

Kill cancer. Yes. Kill cancer. Yes. Do it while sitting in the chair eating ice cream and watching old movies? Looks like that’s not gonna happen.

Will affect exercising if the bowels stay gripy. Incompatible with much resistance work. Don’t like that.

Not to mention losing sleep. Which I did last night. Ugh.

Even more my attitude today

There’s this epistemic question, one I mentioned a while back. How do I differentiate side effects from other, normal difficulties. In this case it’s duration and consistency. Since last Sunday afternoon, I’ve felt more fatigue, had an angrier gut, and gone through many unhappy moments with my bowels.

If this is the way it’s going to be, or worse, well, that’s the way it will be. I’ll have to adjust as best I can.

Contacted On the Move Fitness. Dave, of Deb and Dave, my personal trainers there, is going through some combination of chemo and radiation as well. Next Tuesday I’ll get a new workout, talk with them about how to modulate it with my symptoms.

Hard to stay healthy when the treatment for your illness makes you feel sick.