Samain and the Gratitude Moon

Wednesday gratefuls: Mountain Waste, which takes our trash away. Shirley Septic, which cleans our system. Golden Solar, which installed our solar panels. H2O plumbing ran gas to our generator and pcv piping in our laundry room. Schwabel Electric, for the fan in the bedroom and other projects. Ted of All Trades, who put in new easy open door handles and plows us when the snow’s more than six inches. Sandy, who cleans our house twice a month.

The dance with Murdoch as a year long partner has begun. SeoAh’s still here so she has primary responsibility for him, but the outline of a way of having him here and keeping him safe (from Kepler) has begun to emerge.

When we redid the kitchen, we had a latch installed on the sewing room/kitchen door. That meant we could close off a dog(s) in the sewing room. We do this routinely when guests visit or a repair person comes, Sandy. Now we can hold Kep out there while Murdoch comes downstairs, has time with us, with Gertie and Rigel.

In the morning I’ll still feed our three around 4:30 or so. Murdoch will get his food closer to 7:30 or 8:00, his usual time, and he’ll be fed upstairs. He’ll go outside while the others share our breakfast time. Like a human guest, he will stay in our guest room. That’s where he’s spent most of his time while here with Joe and SeoAh. It’s familiar.

Around 5 pm or so, I’ll give him his second feeding and let him outside again. With Kep in the sewing room he’ll have some time downstairs again.

Before I pill the other dogs, he’ll go upstairs to sleep. Repeat.

We plan to try him with Kepler more than once. If he and Kepler could get along inside, it would make life better for him since he could be out of his room more. Outside I no longer trust Kepler with Gertie and I’m starting out not trusting him outside with Murdoch. Could that change? Maybe, though I doubt it.

Kep is such a sweetheart, soft, serious, kind. Except. When he isn’t. Gertie has many scars. I don’t want Murdoch to have any.

Murdoch’s puppyhood is not over and that means we’ll have a vivifying animal in the house. Our dogs are like us, old and more mellow. Granddog. Here for a while.