So, that happened.

Winter and the Future Moon

Thursday gratefuls: No infection in the bite so far. My elbow joint moves smoothly and all my fingers wiggle. Gertie and Kep snuggled in with me with this morning, didn’t insist on getting up. Rigel was quiet in the room with Murdoch. The fat waxing crescent of the future moon looked like an illustration painted on a new year night sky. Antibiotics and acetaminophen. The steer and the lobster who gave their lives for our New Year’s meal.

Monday’s Gillette* fight night is well over. Kate’s changed my bandages twice. So nice to have a pro at the breakfast table. I have some muscle aches, nothing bad. Abated with acetaminophen.

Taking augmentin for possible infection, but I realized yesterday that infection is unlikely. Why? Well, I put on my Ecuador coat and realized I’d had it on during the struggle. No puncture in its left sleeve. Then I took off the lined fleece flannel shirt I’d also had on. It was bloody and stiff, but likewise no puncture. Protected by Minnesota layering wisdom.

My chief learning. Or, reinforcement of previous chief learnings. No event is unipolar in its valence. The adrenaline, the bite into the muscle of my elbow joint, the wounds to Kep and Murdoch evidenced a grim time, no doubt. Prefer not to repeat.

However. I was able to wrestle with the dogs and help them separate. My physical fitness is good. My blood pressure was 175/90 at the Urgent Care. No telling what it was during the fight. Higher, I’m sure. My heart stood the strain like a champ.

Kepler has a closer bond with me. I noticed this before when I retrieved Gertie from one of her Kep attacks. I take it as gratitude and it feels good. Murdoch, too, though he’s in puppy follow me around mode pretty much all the time.

More. A strange one. I understood the warrior mentality of Joseph and his colleagues. Willing to put their body between harm and their loved ones. So I got bit. Yes. But. Kep and Murdoch are both alive with no serious injuries. Worth it.

Leah, the P.A. who sewed me up, said of my intervening, “Maybe you won’t do it again.” My immediate response, “Probably will.” Safety and security are secondary to protection of those we love. Dogs included.

A good story, too. Here’s one odd symmetry. The Walgreen’s pharmacy where I picked up the augmentin was the same one I found open on Christmas Day, 2015, to get the antibiotics for Kate’s bite from Gertie on Christmas Eve.

Here’s a quote from back then: “Gertie, who bit Kate and got bit in turn by Kepler, has not come of the garage all day. She’s traumatized, slinking off to a far corner near the freezer rather than her own crate. Kate blames neither her nor Kepler, dogs doing what comes naturally is not blameworthy even if the results are dramatic.”

Last learning. It’s important to be in life rather than just passing through. Both of these situations made me feel more engaged, more in my life. Not a spectator, but a participant.

*Only those old enough to remember the Friday Night Fights will get this right away.