Push the Clowns Out of the Car

Winter and the Future Moon

Friday gratefuls: the new dogfood bins. CBE board. Vietnamese food. Kate’s doggedness. Sleep. Wakefulness. Dreams. The Denver Post and its employees. Mountain Waste. Golden Solar. Kohler generators. Those who make the wires through which electricity and data flow. Cell towers. Tom, Bill, and Mark having lunch today.

Haven’t said much about Election 2020. My own policy views line up best with Warren and Sanders. No big surprise there. I prefer Warren over Sanders. Not by much, but I like her thoughtful approach. I like Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar for their moderate stances, if that’s what we need to beat Trump.

My political radar, honed over elections since Stevenson vs. Eisenhower, sees nothing but flak. Is Trump beatable? Can a true progressive win? And, if they win, can they govern? Is the economy the Trump card? Will young people vote? Who will African-Americans and Latinos choose? What about women? The bloc of voters in classes offended by Trump is huge, but will they go to the polls, stay home, or vote for him while holding their nose? All this clouds the screen, points of interference.

We suffer from outrage fatigue. Pussy grabbing and mocking the disabled reporter is so three years ago. Drone assassinations. Mocked at the G8. His steady drip of regulatory release. The Clean Water Act. Clean Air. Gas mileage targets. Intransigence, no, suicidal stupidity about climate change. Those too long red ties. His golfing holidays. Trying to get the next G8 at one of his properties. Tacky. Infuriating. Unseemly.

Vote, vote in this election. Help. Help get out the vote. Vote against Trump, against the Republicans. Please. If only to restore some sanity and balance. This isn’t about draining the swamp. This is about pushing all the clowns out of the car. All of them and getting back to governing the most powerful nation on earth.