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Archive for March 24th, 2020

Resilience: starting a conversation

Spring and the Corona Luna Tuesday gratefuls: Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn above the ridge of Conifer Mountain this morning. Brenton, who will probably take Murdoch this Saturday. The Talmud, weird and wonderful. Dante’s Divine Comedy, which I plan to re-read soon. Yes, I read the whole thing. Mark Odegard, who said, “On many levels I […]

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Evil Bastard

Mammon’s dumbest disciple wants to become Moloch’s agent, too. Today’s Washington Post: “Trump says he may soon push businesses to reopen, defying the advice of coronavirus experts” Since infants and the elderly die most, he’s trying to feed infants to the Dow Jones average. I don’t know any gods that wanted elderly sacrifices, though there […]

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