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Saw Revival

Written By: Charles - Nov• 10•17

Samain                                                                         Joseph and SeoAh Moon

chainsawGot my chainsaw back. Cleaned up, sawblade sharpened. Ready for another 20 years. This Jonsered has been my friend in some heavy labor for a long time. Glad the folks at Broadway Total Power could revive it. This is a skill I learned at the Peaceable Kingdom in Hubbard County, Minnesota. Circa 1974 or so.

Feeling tired today, slept in and didn’t get up here to write until now, 5 pm. The sun’s sinking behind Black Mountain, the earth spinning again, putting  light to sleep for the night.

Got some lights up on the house, not Christmas, not Hanukkah, but lights anyhow, festive in their way. For all the year. Gonna add another string. Soon as they come.

Needed a rest day, been travelin’ through life a little fast for this 70 year old body. My new workout routine left me tired, too. That’s a good thing, until it isn’t. Saw a meme on Facebook, “OMG, I forgot to go to the gym this morning! That makes 5 years in a row.” One way to avoid overworking the body.

It’s a la nina year, which often means less snow for us here in Colorado. Looks like that’s going to hold true through Thanksgiving anyway. Does not make us happy.

Planned to spend this a.m. reviewing homeowner’s insurance with our agent. Big fun. She had to cancel so it’s on next Monday morning. Adult stuff.

5f8f6455-28c0-4eb8-a817-6a49c01c862fI’m hunkering down, staying home this weekend. Maybe cut down a tree or two, shave some stumps off closer to the ground. Work in the garage. Sort of a guy weekend.

BTW: Broadway Total Power, the place that fixed my saw, is a real guy place. My testosterone level went up just walking in there. Snow plow blades, huge snow blowers, chain saws, power mowers, professional arborist saws. The smell of oil and gas. Huge bins for distributing salt or other chemicals out of a pickup truck. Landscaping crews’ trucks parked outside.



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