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Black Mountain White

Written By: Charles - Feb• 19•19

Imbolc                                                                         Valentine Moon

I’m just gonna say this. May be a little whiny, but it’s on my mind. Hey, universe! Would you get your foot off our necks? Or, at least let up long enough for us to catch our breath. Geez. OK. There.

Kate’s collapsed lung resolved with concentrated oxygen therapy. Thankfully. The picc line went in yesterday and she’s getting her first infusion of nutrition through it as I write this. She’s very happy that, as she said, “Something’s happening.” She’s dealt with the weight loss, the fatigue, Sjogren’s, food aversion for so long. As one just coming out of a still debilitating illness, I can only imagine what it would be to feel the way I feel now everyday. With no change maker on the horizon. This picc line may be the beginning of a turn around. I sure hope so.

Meanwhile I’m weak, still. Feel like the diseases of the past two weeks plus have left the field of battle, but the wreckage is still under repair. I’m 10 pounds behind now, limited stamina, and less energy. I’ll improve over the next few days, I’m sure. I look forward to getting back to things.

Lot of learnings, most not consolidated yet. They will be over the coming weeks.

Here’s something uplifting, at least I think so. Black Mountain white.


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