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Written By: Charles - Mar• 25•20

Spring and the Corona Luna

Wednesday gratefuls: The chicken. Carrots. Onion. Celery. Peas. Corn. Water. Gas, piped up the side of Shadow Mountain by Colorado Natural Gas. The stove. Makers of pots and pans, wooden spoons, ladles. That old recipe off the Golden Plump chickens. The frozen egg noodles.

Kate’s got a fingers appointment this morning. The rule is: she can go into the main entrance of the hospital. I can’t go in at all. They check her for symptoms, then escort her quite a distance to the doctor. She’ll call me when she’s done. Soothed that they’re so careful, sad that they need to be.

We’re getting ready for Murdoch’s transfer to Loveland. Hopefully that happens on Saturday. Seoah bought food for him, and treats. Seoah wrote up some “rules” for Brenton White, the foster parent from dogsondeployment. I typed them up and printed them. She’s collected his toys, his bowl, his e-collar, his medicine. No food on Saturday morning for Murdoch. He throws up in the car.

Speaking of the evil bastard, if you weren’t already. Babies and their grandparents (us) into the maw of the American economy. And on Easter. Geez, doesn’t he understand blasphemy and apostasy? Let me say that again, evil bastard.

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