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Written By: Charles - Feb• 09•19

Imbolc                                                                                    Valentine Moon

Such a romantic lead into my romantic birthday. Kate’s going to get the feeding tube put in sometime. CT next week to make sure the stent’s working, then the tube soon? thereafter. Don’t know. Looks like it will be a home-based operation from the git. No rehab.

Meanwhile on Friday I drug my sorry, tired a@@ to the doctor. Doc thought I’d had the flu. Have you ever had a flu swab? Oh, man. A long plastic handle, a scrub like brush at the top, thin, and a hunk of wire joining the two. One up each nostril? The wire? That’s so they can get up behind the bend of your nostril. Exquisite, but short, pain. Negative, too. As Kate pointed out, that did mean my flu shot worked. Yeah.

So, whatever I’ve had, probably an adenovirus of some type, acts like the flu. Huh. Don’t let me ever get the flu. Doc yesterday it hits “you like a truck.” Good description of the last 1o days. Anyhow, that seems to be gone now, replaced by a follow-on, pneumonia! Yep. Just be too sure I was paying attention, I guess. Got my antibiotics course, ten days, doxycycline. I hope to pass.

Missed two days here. I can feel it when I miss a day, like I’m not yet complete. Don’t like it, but I didn’t feel like climbing the stairs. Hopefully, the plateau has changed to slight upward curve.

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