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Spring                                                   Bee Hiving Moon

Somewhere in Poland (reposted from NakedAlways)

Becoming Free

Spring (pesach)                                               Bee Hiving Moon

There is, too, that other story.  The ur-liberation story in the west, the exodus of the former enslaved, the Jews, from Egypt to the promised land.

Pesach describes the lamb-blood stained door frames, marked so the angel of death would pass over the household within.

It is, though, the rest of the narrative that has captured the political imagination of oppressed peoples in many eras, in many lands and of varied religious backgrounds, an enslaved people who dare to imagine themselves free.  That critical step, the emotional and  spiritual ability to see beyond a current state of bondage, to see a moment when the oppressor would fail, that separates those who remain in bondage and those who can become free.

In Judaism this story gives definition to the long arc of history from Genesis, through the slavery in Egypt, occasioned due to a drought in the homelands, and the wandering in the desert followed by the eventual settling of the promised land.  It also gave definition to the Babylonian captivity which would come hundreds of years later and the Jewish diaspora a thousand years or so after that.

The Exodus story underlay the powerful religious message behind the American Civil Rights movement, too.

As Jews all over the world sit down to seder tonight, sharing a meal with their family and friends, they will recount the people defining nature of these events.  I join them in spirit.


Spring  (pesach & holy week)                                        Bee Hiving Moon

My leek and shallot and green onion planting got moved up two days by the dogs.  Outside that comes first today.  It’s possible I bought a few too many leeks anyhow.   That will become obvious as I plant.  If I run out of garden for the seeds I have coming in the mail, I’ll know I over did it.  Well, I might notice before that.

(shallots.  Allium cepa var. aggregatum   I love botanical illustrations.)

Decided to put this year’s bee hives on the western fenceline in the orchard.  That will make them visible from the kitchen, but not really in the way as we work in the orchard.

Let’s see.  We had summer last month, March this month, so what can May possibly have to offer?  Fall?  In this case I hope not because I need a growing season; in the case of leeks, I need a 110 day growing season less the growth they’ve made in the greenhouse.

Sports show tours for the most part in the next three weeks, then the Woolly retreat.

Look for a post later today or tomorrow on China.  I found the text of a Brookings Institution briefing paper on strategic distrust between China and the U.S.  Reading it I saw the reaping of a harvest of neglect.  In the US we have neglected education about Asia in matters historical and linguistic, though that’s changing now.  This historical problem though leaves us with little perspective for the rise of a new hegemon, especially one like China.


…these are the country deities, nymphs, fauns and satyrs, dwelling in mountains and in woods… Ovid, Metamorphoses

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