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A Bagel Table

Written By: Charles - Nov• 24•19

Samain and the beautiful waning crescent Fallow Moon

Thanksgiving will have an almost equivalent waxing crescent moon. The Gratitude Moon. A month of saying my gratefuls out loud right here. At least one a day.

Grateful for Jon, Ruth, Gabe. Grateful for Kate. Grateful for Joe, Seoah. Grateful for Mary, Mark, Diane. Grateful for Rigel, Gertie, Kep, and Murdoch. Grateful for photons and lupron.

Did the bagel table with Alan. A somewhat strange experience. Folks came up and shook my hand afterward so I believe it went well overall. Rabbi Jamie and I had some dissonance, not sure why. I was on his turf, no doubt. And, I used his favorite commentator as a resource.

He is a master teacher, wonderful at drawing out insights and curiosity. I’m not. His knowledge of Hebrew, of the Midrashim (rabbinic commentary on the Torah), and of the details of each parsha are far superior to mine. He can start out with nothing in hand and get a discussion started.

His approach, especially to Torah study, has an open ended nature that he can sustain. I have a more data driven approach. In this case I wanted to focus the class on the question of Sarah’s death, and how the parsha resolves the problems of her life. To do that I dubbed every one a rabbi and asked them to sit around the table and develop a midrash aggadah (see below) on this matter.

Folks kept turning to him for answers to questions, usual since he’s the rabbi. But. It was hard to keep the conversation going on the question of why Sarah died as a result. I guess it was like trying to teach a class on quantum physics with Niels Bohr in the room. I was happy to have him there. And yet…

Made me a little less enthusiastic to do another one although I enjoyed the prep work. A lot.

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