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A Beautiful Day

Written By: Charles - May• 11•20

Beltane and the Corona Lunacy II

Monday gratefuls: Ancient friends with long memories and loving hearts. Seeing Jon, Ruth, Gabe. And, talking to them. Momma’s little helper. Seoah’s sweetness and her frustration. Rigel, whose meds are working. She can get on the bed again. Kep, who’s a good boy. A solid Mother’s day for Kate. Joe who called from Singapore. The folks at Beau Jo’s. Their sausage pizza. Whoa. That was good.

A beautiful day. All round. Except for one thing, which we’ll get to near the end.

Zoom with my old friends, ancient friends, as Paul suggested. On this call I suggested we say out loud what we found lovable, special, unique about each other. We did that, one guy at a time. Hoping to gin up some antidote to the regular assaults on our persons, c-virus wise. Worked for me.

Not many men could stand to sit through the two hours it took us to finish up. Except men I’ve known for over 30 years. Saying nice things to each other, being honest and vulnerable, is not part of the toxic masculinity tool kit. If it were, we’d have less toxic masculines.

Later in the day we saw, for the first time in over three months Jon, Ruth, and Gabe. Masked. Distanced. But visible and in our presence. Ruth and Gabe got their birthday presents for their April birthdays: Ruth, 14. Gabe, 12. They also got awards for their care of Gertie in her final days.

Ruth: Best Canine ICU nurse. Gabe: Aid and comfort, for sharing his pillow and blanket. Ruth spent one whole night caring for Gertie, breaking up pain pills so Gertie could take them more easily. Changing her towels. That was the last time we saw both Ruth and Gabe.

I asked Ruth how much time she was taking on her online school. About 2 hours a day, she said. Gabe? Less than Ruth. All classes are now pass/fail. School ends officially this Friday. Jon puts up art projects for his students, but can do no “direct instruction.” Direct instruction through Zoom or some other online video platform would increase social inequities by leaving those with no internet access out. Not sure how they get what he’s putting up now.

All this was wonderful. Now to the except. Woke up to an e-mail from one of my ancient friends, Mark Odegard, that he and Elizabeth had been displaced by a fire in the neighboring townhouse, one with which they share a wall. Their neighbor died. They had to leave their unit and are in a Liv-Inn, no one knows for how long. Glad they’re ok. Hope their stuff is, too.

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