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A Bit More Zap

Written By: Charles - Sep• 22•10

Lughnasa                                        Full Back To School Moon

Over to Fleet Farm in Blaine for more electric fencing material.  This time I purchased a gate kit that will allow me to connect the fence across our large truck gate.  I’m hopeful that this represents the solution, at least for now.  I plan to extend the fence back toward the house about 8 feet and on from its current terminal on the west side of our property to the wild grape vine on our northern fence line.  Gotta  get this done before I leave since Kate will have to find and retrieve our pooch while I’m in Indiana.

We ate lunch at Axel’s Woodfired Grill, then motored over I-35 to Fleet Farm.

We have a flood watch posted since much of the ground has reached saturation levels with recent rains.  This portends bad news for the spring, too.

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