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A Stay-at-Home Year?

Written By: Charles - Apr• 16•20

Spring and the Corona Luna

Thursday gratefuls: Seoah’s pork and hamburger dumplings. Yum. Ok, for Seoah. Lululemon. Kate’s successful call with United. The contacts folks in Georgia sending Seoah new lenses. The foot or so of new snow coming down right now. Spring in the Rockies. Finally getting my DVD player hooked up. Now I can watch Alpha.

Another late Spring snow. Heavy, wet. Coming down fast. A foot plus before it’s over. Then, in a Rocky Mountain Spring, high 40’s, low 50’s starting Friday. When we got back from Joe and Seoah’s wedding in 2016, late April, we’d had four feet of snow the day before. This is not unusual.

Stay-at-home agrees with me. So much so that I might declare a stay-at-home year after this ends. Out for groceries, medical matters, CBE. Otherwise here at home, up in the loft, writing. Yes, the writing bug has returned. Jennie’s Dead has about 50,000 words right now. And the book on the Pagan Way has momentum, too. Plus, Kate reminded me that I could use some of the time to sell a book. Probably Superior Wolf.

I could have been a hermit. The world is often too much with me, late and soon. (Wordsworth) It overwhelms me. That used to stimulate me, make me raise my hand against injustice, now it makes me tired. Still upset, but tired.

Or, that might be the Lupron. I had a second difficult workout yesterday. Just sent a note to my oncologist asking if fatigue becomes more likely after the third injection. Harder to lift weights, do aerobics at the level I know I can.

Having Lupron at work in my body is strange. Is that fatigue Lupron? How about that shortness of breath? The heat in the room right now? My body’s signals to me have a Lupron gate they pass through, at least in my mind. I feel out of touch, or at least confused. I don’t like the feeling.

Could be a lot worse though. My friends, Dave and Judy, have had much more invasive chemotherapy agents. Dave especially has twice a week infusions of a harsh chemo drug. He can no longer have radiation for his brain tumor. Judy did well with chemo the first time around, but her numbers are changing, not in a good direction.

Cancer does not play. It’s a predator and goes for the throat. If it can’t be cured, it has to be restrained. Otherwise…

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