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Adversity and Gratitude

Written By: Charles - Nov• 07•18

Samain                                                                      Healing Moon

kate 1200Kate’s recovery got started under the waxing healing moon. Her weight gain will, I hope, get an equal boost under the waxing Blue Moon which starts tomorrow. She’s doing so much better, still weak and often tired, she’s eating more, smiling, bustling around a bit. The trough of recovery from the bleeds and the surgery has given way to the upslope. May it continue. In the month of gratitude, a lot to be thankful for.

Talking with Kate about gratitude and its strange alliance with adversity. Cue Job. Over the last month plus we’ve had many discrete things to be grateful for: Swedish Hospitals E.R., the trauma surgeon who worked on Kate’s gut, the nurses and aids on the 8th floor, the visitors and flowers from friends and family. Annie’s visit. CBE members offering help, food, love. The nurses and ot/pt folks at Brookdale. Joe and SeoAh offering us themselves, with SeoAh being here almost three weeks. Murdoch enlivening our house. Kate’s own doggedness, her endurance, her spirit. Notes from Woolly Mammoths, from the Ladies Who Lunch. Comments and visits, so many of both, on the Caringbridge site. Even the weather which has cooled down enough to help our sleeping.

gratitude1Of course, we’d prefer Kate had not had the bleeds, needed the surgery and the rehab. Of course. But it did happen and in its train came so much human caring, love, food. We could choose to focus on how awful the bleeds were and how painful the treatment necessary to stop them. We could still be locked into the incident as a medical incident; but, with all the acts of loving kindness, we choose to focus on them and on the upward trajectory of Kate’s strength and weight. It was the adversity that unveiled the depth and solidity of Kate’s friendships and family. Without the adversity it would have been there, true, but much less visible.

In this sort of rally lies a hope for the future, a feeling that no matter what we will not be abandoned or lonely. That may be the most important outcome. Gratitude for a future without bleakness, even though we know the future ends in death. What an amazing gift.

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