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Butterflies and Clouds

Written By: Charles - May• 30•19

Beltane…………………………………………………………………………..Cancer Moon

Looking up at the paneled ceiling tiles from the ct scan table was a tile made of plastic and full of butterflies. Leftside. On the right, another plastic ceiling tile of clouds. Between them the circular ct machine through which I was fed on a moving slide.

I’d drunk a bottle of orangia like liquid 45 minutes before, but getting the iv in for the additional contrast material was painful. The gal who poked me twice didn’t have it down. She, in her words, tapped out and got a new wrestler to come and put it in. The new nurse was an old pro. She twhacked my elbow crease, looked, then put the iv in place.

“You’ll have a warm feeling in the back of your throat, then you’ll feel like you’re peeing, but you won’t be.” An interesting introduction. Sure enough though the back of my throat warmed up, a flush of heat that spread to my groin. The dye working.

Osiris and early ct

“Take a breath and hold it.” That was the ct scanner. In case you didn’t get it there were little faces, one blowing air out, the other with plumped out cheeks. They lit up.

Took no time at all. When will it be read? You’ll have results in a couple of days. Oh. It’s Thursday, so next week. Oh, well. Been waiting this long. Gilroy’s out of town until next week anyhow.

When the first try for the iv went in, it hurt. A lot. Lying there on an imaging machine, in a hospital, a serious illness underway, I cringed. Will I have to have lots of these? I got back to the moment, looked at the butterflies, then the clouds.

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