We all walk ancientrails. Welcome to the journey.

Lughnasa                                                                    Kate’s Moon

Almost edible. The ultimate fruitcake discovered 106 years later in Antarctica. Presumably at least a year or two past its sell-by date. Didn’t we all suspect this strange dessert might last, well, forever? Now we know. At least a century. And we eat it? (I don’t.)



Lughnasa                                                                    Kate’s Moon

happy camper2

Sleeping so much. Gonna get tired of sleeping. It’s the greatest sleep ever. Ever. Aided by Colorado’s marijuana laws and their expression in Bailey, Colorado: The Happy Camper. Are you listening, Jeff Sessions? You bad elf.

Lughnasa                                                                          Kate’s Moon

Sister Mary is here. She and Guru flew in yesterday from Singapore. That’s a really long flight, almost a full day. They were jet lagged so they’re sleeping it off in Evergreen right now. We’re meeting them for breakfast at 9.



Midsommar                                                                      Kate’s Moon

Went to the embodied spirituality shabbat service: pillows on the floor, yoga mats, lots of singing bowls, a chakra wielding psychotherapist and a rabbi in training, also on the sanctuary floor. A long meditation accompanied by Heidi stroking the bowls and Bonnie leading us in chants in Hebrew kept us inward most of the time.

The variety of services at Beth Evergreen, between shabbat and holidays, makes attending fun and challenging, a good combination.

Midsommar                                                                     Most Heat Moon

Ancientrails will be briefly dark as Kate and I travel to Glenwood Springs to meet up with Stefan and Lonnie Helgeson. We’ll be gone tonight, back tomorrow. Jon will be here taking care of the dogs. A mini-vacation. See you either later tomorrow or early Sunday.

Midsommar                                                                          Most Heat Moon

Just to record it. Been in a physical slump the last three/four days. Didn’t feel like exercising, even mental labor feels hard. Don’t feel sick, just weary. But of what? Don’t know.


Snow, Snow, Lots and Lots of Snow.

Beltane                                                                                 Rushing Waters Moon

trump for prisonThis is a record breaking snow already and it’s barely gotten started. Good news for us up here on Shadow Mountain. Hard to burn when everything’s covered in fluffy white moisture. This is a flour sifter snow, coming down straight, no wind, and fast.

Trump. He says with “surety” that no politician in history has ever been treated worse. Not sure Charles II would agree. Or JFK, MLK, RFK, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Salvador Allende, Archduke Ferdinand. To mention a few off the top of my head.

His first hundred days might be his last hundred days. Even Pence looks better. Sort of.

DivergentOver the last couple of days I’ve been reading the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. Granddaughter Ruth is reading it and I try to keep up with at least some of her favorites. The first book is very good. The second one’s not quite as good, but ok. The third shows it’s difficult to sustain a creative push. Makes me wonder how George Martin’s done it with the Game of Thrones series. Not easy.

Still dealing with the difficulties of making tea at altitude. Just wrote my favorite tea company, Verdant Tea, a Minnesota company that works directly with tea growers in China. Maybe they’ll have some ideas.

20170514_105132Kate spent another sewing day yesterday, this time with the needleworkers. These are most of the day events where the women come together to work on their own projects, see what the others are up to and share ideas, techniques. Friendships, too. She also had her third injection of Remicade, an anti-rheumatoid arthritis biological drug. Her color and energy has improved. Seems to be working.

Well. Breakfast time in the Rockies. With snow.


Spring                                                              New (Rushing Waters) Moon

Spring                                                                      Passover Moon

In spite of an 8-16 inch winter storm warning Jefferson County only lowered its stage 2 fire ban to a stage 1 ban. The particulars of this decision are not obvious to me though I’m encouraged by more conservative approaches to fire safety. The potential consequences make us all a little, maybe a lot, nervous.


Fighting Trump

Winter                                                    Cold Moon

Morpheus continues to elude me. Not sure where he goes, but I wake up, or never fall asleep at odd points throughout the night. Getting old.

I’m going to devote the day after the inauguration to reviewing files I’ve saved in an Evernote folder titled, Fighting Trump. I’ll be looking for a way to act over and against the flood of plunder monkeys (Stephen King) taking up residence in the White House and various cabinet posts.

All politics is local as former speaker of the house Tip O’Neill was fond of saying, so whatever I find will need to have a close connection to Colorado. Could be sagebrush rebellion and public lands related. Maybe immigration. Water policy. National parks. Could be something else. Not sure yet. Need allies, too. Perhaps at Beth Evergreen. Perhaps Progressive Colorado. Perhaps Climate Change action.


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